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Small Watercraft Boat Shore Dock

This versatile, adjustable model fits small watercraft up to 1200 lb — from sailboats to Jon boats to small V-hull and flat-hull fishing boats. Length is 18 feet. Rail width adjusts from 24" to 40". Includes 16 polyurethane "donut" style rollers, which mount anywhere along the rails. Also available are complete 9 feet add-on sections. The standard 1700 lb winch with 25' strap can be upgraded to a 1500 or 2500 lb self-braking winch with 25' or 50' cables. The easy-to-assemble kit is complete with ground anchoring system.
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Introducing Roll-n-Go® On-Shore Docking Systems:

Specifications RNG750 RNG1200
Max. Weight Capacity 750 lbs 1,200 lbs
Weight 92 lbs 130 lbs
Overall Length 17' 10" 17' 10"
Overall Width Adjustable 21" - 24 " Adjustable 24" - 40"
Rail Width Adjustable 21" - 24 " Adjustable 24" - 40"
Roller Type "Donut" shaped Polyurethane "Donut" shaped Polyurethane
Number of Rollers 12 16
Roller Bearing Delrin™ spanner and bushing Delrin™ spanner and bushing
Tilting Roller Axle N/A N/A
Construction Aluminum Aluminum
Hardware Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
"Dead lift" Rating
Gear Ratio
Strap Length
Hook Type
Zinc Plated
1,100 lb
20 feet
Standard Boat Hook
Zinc Plated
1,700 lb
25 feet
Standard Boat Hook
Anchoring Screw-in Ground Anchor with Hardware Screw-in Ground Anchor with Hardware
Min. Required Anchoring Screw-in or Fasten to Wall or Footing Screw-in or Fasten to Wall or Footing
Warranty 5 years
(2 year salt-water)
5 years
(2 year salt-water)
Instructions Assembly Instructions Assembly Instructions
How to use the Roll N Go system.
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Systems so innovative, they're changing the way small watercraft are launched, docked, and stored. Roll-n-Go on-shore docking systems are a revolutionary new docking concept. This line of on-shore docking solutions is the first and only docking alternative of its kind. It’s a unique system designed to handle the thousands of personal watercraft on the water today that have no other efficient and effective method for docking and storage. Because Roll-n-Go so economically fills long-unmet needs in the small watercraft market, the new Roll-n-Go systems are revolutionizing the way personal watercraft get on and off the water. There are also model available for small boats and pontoons, call for availability.

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Roll-n-Go delivers solutions no other manufacturer or product line offers. That’s because patent-pending, problem- solving Roll-n-Go will enable hundreds of thousands of lakeshore owners to dock their PWCs, small boats, and pontoons, confident that their investment will remain safe, secure, and off the water while ready to simply launch and go. It’s an economical docking system that delivers an excellent alternative to the huge burden and expense of traditional docking and boat lifts.

Roll-n-Go gets around tough docking issues and saves waterfront property owners time, effort, and expense. With its simple, modular construction, each Roll-n-Go system is designed to handle changing docking needs for a long time to come. The quality corrosion-resistant Roll-n-Go system is built to last through years of harsh marine use. The versatile modular ramp can be easily extended or modified to accommodate the requirements of changing shoreline applications and to custom-fit changing watercraft dimensions. The Roll-n-Go line includes models designed to handle small watercraft of all kinds – from 1, 2 and 3-passenger PWCs up to 2,000-pound boats and pontoons.

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Roll-n-Go Shore Docking System
Item # Description Price
RNG750 Roll-n-Go Small Watercraft Shore Docking System - 18 feet long, 1100 lb winch w/ 25 foot strap + 80 s&h
RNG750EXT Roll-n-Go 750 Small Watercraft Extension - 9 foot long extension + 35 s&h
RNG1200 Roll-n-Go Small Watercraft Shore Docking System - 18 feet long, 1700 lb winch w/ 25 foot strap + 105 s&h
RNG1200EXT Roll-n-Go 1200 Small Watercraft Extension - 9 foot long extension + 15 s&h
Pontoon Shore Docking System Upgrades and Accessories
Item # Description Image Price
WINCHUP Winch Upgrade - 1500 lb (dead-lift) autobrake - Includes 50' cable - Works with Roll-n-Go models RNG1200, RNG 2000, and RNGPONT only - ***Must be purchased at same time as docking system - replaces standard winch*** Winch upgrade
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+ 10 s&h
ROLLSET12 Extra Roller Set - Works with Roll-n-Go models RNG750, RNG 1200, and RNGPONT only - 2 sets required per row for RNGPONT- Includes 2 rollers, 2 brackets, and hardware Extra roller set
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+ 15 s&h
LEGKIT Basic Leg Kit - All-aluminum leg support kit for models RNG750, RNG1200, RNG2000, and RNGPONT - Includes 2 pipe brackets with double set screws, 2 foot pads with single set screws and stainless steel mounting hardware - Customer supplies 1-1/4" i.d. pipe Basic Leg Kit
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+ 15 s&h
WIDEKIT Wide Support Kit Upgrade - Upgrades the Basic Leg Kit - 8.5' wide all-aluminum support kit with stainless steel hardware - Provides better lateral support for longer ramps - ***Must be ordered with LEGKIT in a set*** Wide support kit upgrade
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+ 65 s&h
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