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GearWagon™ 125 Camper Trailer from Let's Go Aero
Enjoy all the daily cargo hauling function and full capacity use of the GearWagon™ 125 trailer model with added features for conversion into a comfortable camper. This enclosed trailer has a lightweight design that can be pulled by any tow rated vehicle and is constructed of a twin wall, molded polyethylene base with an ultraviolet protected, ABS plastic tonneau lid. The trailer comes with a full camping package, including a tent and vestibule, modular decking, leveler kit, solar vent, and heater hanger. The tent secures around the trailer body and includes a screened door and windows along with a vestibule that extends over the endgate for added storage and living space. The tent and vestibule are constructed of water repellent, UV and mold resistant Triton marine fabric, which is a high strength 100% polyester woven fabric with a vinyl coated topside. Four modular decking panels fit into the trailer's molded interior ledge for an added level for sleeping or storage. The panels may be stored along the trailer sidewalls for full use of the interior's capacity. The leveler kit includes two height adjustable and retractable stabilizer jacks for use when the trailer is off the hitch, preventing rearwared tipping. The solar vent provides quiet, reliable ventilation, removing condensation build up. It moves 1000 cubic feet per hour and can run up to 48 hours without sunlight. An integrated heater hanger support bracket is also included with the GearWagon™ 125 camper trailer for mounting small portable heaters.

The Tentris™ ArcHaus™ shelter is a great addition to your camp setup! This versatile tent and shelter can provide additional room as well as a protected entryway to your GearWagon™ 125 camper.

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GearWagon™ 125 camper trailer with extended vestibule GearWagon™ 125 tent camper trailer SUV towing a GearWagon™ 125 trailer Side view of the GearWagon™ 125 camper trailer Inside view of the camper trailer set up to sleep two and store cargo Inside view of the camper trailer set up to sleep four GearWagon™ 125 camper set up with the Tentris™ ArcHaus™ shelter Camp set up with the GearWagon™ 125 camper trailer and Tentris™ ArcHaus™ Hunting camp setup with the GearWagon™ 125 and Tentris™ ArcHaus™ The Tentris™ ArcHaus™ provides a large sheltered entrance to the GearWagon™ 125 camper trailer GearWagon™ 125 camper trailer entrance

GearWagon™ 125 Camper Trailer Features:

GearWagon™ 125 Camper Trailer
Item # Description Dimensions Tires Capacity Weight Price
GW-1125-GL GearWagon™ 125 Camper Trailer - GearWagon™ 125 trailer with camping package that converts the trailer into a comfortable camper Overall: 123" L x 78" W x 69" H
Capsule: 93" L x 60" W x 51" H
Decking: 80" L x 60" W overall
13” rims, 24” diameter tires, 5 x 4.5 bolt hole pattern Weight: 1000 lbs of cargo
Cargo Box Space: 137 cu. ft.
525 lbs
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Shipping and Receiving Overview
GearWagon™ 125 Accessories - *Free Shipping on Accessories Below When Purchased with Trailer - Call for Details*
ACC-3042 Spare Tire w/ Mounting Hardware - Includes mounting hardware for securing tire in upright position - Spare tire is identical to trailer tires Spare tire
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+ 17
ACC-3258 Tie Down Mounting Hardware 4-Pack- Includes 4 spring nuts, 4 D-rings, and hardware to create tie-down points along the trailer's C-channel track. Bungees, straps, hooks, etc (not included) can be secured to these points
Instructions (pdf)
Tie down mounting hardware kit
Click to Enlarge
+ 11
ACC-3007 Bike Mounting Hardware Kit - Each kit sold individually; one kit secures one bike - Includes mounting hardware, quick release, and length adjustable bungee - Mounts to C-channel track to hold bike in upright, fixed position - The GearWagon™ 125 can hold up to 6 bikes, making it a safe and secure bicycle trailer - Accommodates many sized tandem bikes
Instructions (pdf)
Bike mounting hardware kit
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+ 11

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Trailer & Hitch Accessories
Item # Description Price
Coupler lock
Click to enlarge
Coupler Lock
Universal design for use on latch type couplers with a locking hole through the handle - Easy to install - Tightens with the turn of a key - 1/4" x 3/4" pin
+ free shipping
Standard hitch pin
Click to enlarge
Standard Hitch Pin - For 2" Class III and IV receivers - 5/8" x 4-3/4" + free shipping
Locking hitch pin
Click to enlarge
Locking Hitch Pin - For 2" Class III and IV receivers - 5/8" x 2-3/4" $17.99 + free shipping
Locking hitch pin
Click to enlarge
Locking Hitch Pin - For 1 1/4" Class I and II receivers - 1/2" x 2-3/4" $14.99 + free shipping
DHR-3 dual 2 inch hitch
Click to enlarge
2" Dual Hitch - For dual purposes - A bottom hitch for towing, and an upper hitch for carrying + 10 s&h
2" Diameter Chrome Trailer Ball
Click to enlarge

2" Diameter Trailer Ball
Shank Size - 1"
Shank Length - 2 1/8"
Rise 0"
7,500 lbs

$15.99 + free shipping
1-7/8" Diameter Chrome Trailer Ball
Click to enlarge

1 7/8" Diameter Trailer Ball
Shank Size - 1"
Shank Length - 2 1/8"
Rise 0"
3,500 lbs

$13.99 + free shipping
Curt ball mount image
Click to enlarge

Black Powder Coated Ball Mount
GTW/W - 7,500/700
Drop - 4"
Rise 2"
Length - 8 1'/4"

$20.99 + free shipping
Curt powder coat ball mount
Click to enlarge

Black Powder Coated Ball Mount
GTW/W - 7,500 / 750
Drop - 2"
Rise 3/4"
Length - 8 1/4"

$21.99 + free shipping
Steal shield on trailer
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Steal Shield Trailer Lock w/ Keys and "Come Along" Storage Bracket
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+ 15 s&h
Thrust Offroad recovery gear kit
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Thrust Offroad Accessories Recovery Gear Kit
Includes storage bag, ground mat, gloves, shovel, pulley block, bow shackles, tire gauge, snatch strap, tree trunk protector & a towing strap
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+ 20 s&h