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LittleGiant trailer from Lets Go Aero
A solid steel, bolt-together utility trailer kit that offers lightweight yet high-strength capacity, the LittleGiant™ trailer provides pickup bed form and function to transport it all. With two foot stable sidewalls, the LittleGiant™ can secure your cargo at different locations. Atop each sidewall is a C-Channel track for flexible attachment locations to strap gear and other devices. This utility trailer also features easily removable endgates and an all-galvanized steel construction for durability and rust prevention. The LittleGiant™ utility trailer comes with a complete lighting system for superior visibility in low light conditions with an illuminated license plate holder. The LittleGiant's lightweight construction makes it user friendly, working with Class I tow-rated vehicles on up.

The LittleGiant™ Trailer is available with a torsion axle suspension for high performance or a value-based leaf spring axle suspension. The torsion axle system features an independent, rubber dampened suspension with an Easy Lube grease system for a quiet and smooth ride. This model includes 13" silver rims on 24" diameter tires with a 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern. An A-frame tongue provides stength, tow-stability, and safety. The leaf spring axle system is great for general cargo and utility uses and features a lightweight yet high strength box truss design. This model includes 12" silver rims on 21" diameter tires with a 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern and a single frame tongue.

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The LittleGiant trailer is a versatile, lightweight, and strong utility trailer The LitteGiant makes a great ATV trailer The LittleGiant includes a complete lighting system and C-channel tracks Utility trailer with endgates removed Secure nearly any cargo under 1500 pounds Dimensions of the folding utility trailer

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1 foot extension for the LittleGiant utility trailer LittleGiant Rack and Cargo Tarp Rack Shown hauling inflatable raft 72 inch rack installs for additional hauling needs Expandable Cargo Tarp LittleGiant Spare Tire Swivel Jack Levels Trailer when stationary Tie Down Combo Pack

Features of the LittleGiant™ Trailer:

LittleGiant Trailer™ - Bolt-Together Utility Trailer
Item # Description Dimensions Capacity Weight Picture Price
LGT-1107-T LittleGiant™ utility trailer with removable lift gates & complete lighting system -Torsion axle suspension - A-frame tongue - 13" silver rims, 24" dia. tires
Trailer requires full assembly
Outside: 88" L x 56½" W x 24" H
Inside: 86" L x 56" W x 24" H
Overall: 123" L x 70" W x 40" H
1500 lbs
(1920 lbs GVWR)
420 lbs LittleGiant Trailer - Torsion Axle Suspension
Business + 250
Residential + 300
*Residential Shipping includes lift gate and phone call*
LGT-1107-L LittleGiant™ utility trailer with removable lift gates & complete lighting system - Leaf spring axle suspension - Single frame tongue - 12" silver rims, 21" dia. tires
Trailer requires full assembly
Inside: 7' L x 4'6" W x 2' H
Overall: 123" L x 70" W x 38" H
1120 lbs
(1480 lbs GVWR)
360 lbs LittleGiant Trailer - Leaf Spring Axle Suspension Discontinued
LittleGiant™ Trailer Accessories - *Free Shipping on Accessories Below with Purchase of Trailer - Call for Details*
ACC-3075 1 Foot Extension for LittleGiant™ Trailer - Bolt-together add-on that installs at rear of trailer - All galvanized steel tubing and body panels - Includes 1' wire harness extension
Instructions (pdf)
Adds 1' to trailer body
Overall outside body dimensions: 100" L x 56" W x 24" H
Overall inside of trailer: 8' L x 4'6" W x 24" H
- 48 lbs 1 foot extension for the LittleGiant utility trailer + 21 s&h
ACC-3070 72" Base Rack for LittleGiant™ Trailer - Haul additional cargo such as kayaks, bikes, or ladders - All galvanized steel construction Two crossbars - 1.125" x 16 gauge round tubing, 72" length
Four 7" Z brackets (towers)
250 lbs 17 lbs 72 inch rack shown on Little Giant Trailers + 30 s&h
ACC-3083 Expandable, Soft Tonneau Enclosure for LittleGiant™ Trailer - Water-Resistant Material with UV Inhibitors to protect cargo - Instructions (pdf) Expands for an added 2 feet in height - 20 lbs LittleBig Tarp + 13 s&h
ACC-3044 Spare Tire with mounting hardware secures tire along trailer sidewall - for model LGT-1107-T 13" Rim / 24" Diameter Tire
(5 x 4.5 Bolt Pattern)
- 35 lbs LittleGiant Spare Tire + 17 s&h
ACC-3027 Swivel Jack levels trailer when off the hitch with large caster wheel for easy movement 24" x 10" x 6" 1000 lbs Rated 17 lbs LittleGiant Swivel Jack + 13 s&h
ACC-3073 Leveler Kit bolts to the rear of trailer, preventing tipping when off the hitch - Instructions (pdf) - - - LittleGiant Leveler Kit + 12 s&h
ACC-3258 Tie Down Combo Pack - Provides attachment points for securing cargo along trailer's C-channel track - Includes 4 spring nuts, 4 D-rings, and installation hardware - Instructions (pdf) - - 3 lbs LittleGiant Tie Down Combo Pack + 11 s&h
ACC-3078 Store-It! Accessory Bolt-On Wheel Kit - Includes four 2.5" heavy duty casters and attachment plates that mount to the LittleGiant Trailer's C-channel track and frame tubing, allowing it to be stored upright when its engates, tongue, and tires are removed - No drilling required
Instructions (pdf)
7' 6" minimum ceiling height required
(7' 6" H x 72" W x 30" D footprint)
- 15 lbs LittleGiant StoreIt! Wheel Kit + 11 s&h

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