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secure your bike to any flat bed trailer

This motorcycle trailer securing system is similar to the MCK1 tie down system, but instead of the front tire cage, a wheel chock is used to reduce the cost of this system. This unit can be mounted to any existing trailer to turn it into a motorcycle transport trailer. Works great for enclosed or flat bed trailers like snowmobile or utility trailers. This unit can be removed when not in use and allows your trailer to be a true multi-purpose hauler.
motorcycle tie down system

Features of MCK2 Motorcycle Tie Down System:

MCK2 Motorcycle Tie Down System Specifications & Pricing
Item # Description Dimensions Weight Price
MCK2 Motorcycle Tie Down System with Front Chock 94" long x 32" wide
Fits 5" front tire and 8" rear tire
45 lbs + free shipping

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