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Smart Trailer Scooter Trailer
The mobility scooter trailer from Smart Trailers is the new innovative way to transport your scooter or mobility device. This revolutionary trailer design has on swivel wheel that rotates 360 degrees! This scooter trailer also has a 2 point hitch mount and receiver! These two amazing design elements prevent the mobility trailer from jackknifing! Along with this trailer is a 12 volt hoist that swivels 360 degrees! This hoist has a strap with a hook end that can lift up to 225 lbs.! The load capacity of the trailer is a maximum of 300 lbs. The scooter trailer is black powder coated and comes fully assembled! The dimensions of the trailer are 48" long by 48" wide by 21" high and the bed of the trailer is 48" x 28". Check out the pictures for more details!

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smart trailer wheel anti jackknife trailer scooter trailer smart trailer anti jackknifing mobility trailer

Features of Smart Trailer:

Smart Trailer LT100 Anti-Jackknifing Trailer
Item # Description Dimensions Lifting Capacity Weight Capacity Price
LT100 "Smart Trailer" Anti-Jackknifing Scooter Trailer 48" long by 48" wide by 21" high 225 lbs. 300 lbs. Discontinued

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